Assessed the regulatory impacts on the Cement industry for a major cement manufacturer. The assessment was driven by changes in the requirements for the management of Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) and identified the regulatory incentives and roadblocks for the beneficial reuse of CKD.

Successfully integrated a waste audit process with an ongoing pollution prevention program for a Fortune 50 Client. The results were used to refine a developing Environmental Management System and to develop an Environmental Information Management System.

Wastewater treatment process for slaughter waste for Vineland Live and Dressed Poultry, Vineland, NJ. Project entailed bench-scale simulation of BOD removal by chemical oxidation, scale-up, air-flotation, and the recycling of all solids through a rendering process that produced protein additives for chicken feed.

Spray irrigation field for effluent from slaughterhouse waste treatment.

Physical-chemical treatment process for Vinyl floor covering wastes.

Recycling of Industrial Catalysts treatment chemicals for Mathey-Bishop, Inc

Metals recovery and reuse from Industrial Sludges