Landfill Gas Utilization a 6-Megawatt generating unit using reciprocating engines operating on landfill gas. The project was developed for Air Products Co. using gas from a New Jersey landfill as a part of an alternative energy program sponsored by Jersey City Electric.

Provided engineering review and design assistance on a landfill gas collection system for the CDT Landfill, Joliet, Illinois. The design review centered on issues of Constructability and Operateability. The final design represented the most cost-effective approach to landfill gas recovery for the facility.

Performed an assessment of the potential for landfill gas migration at the Mallard Lake Landfill, for the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, IL.

Designed a landfill gas collection and flare system capable of handling 2,700,000 SCFD of landfill gas for the Congress Development Company Landfill, Chicago, IL.

Managed the construction and assisted in the design of the landfill gas collection system as the Central Road Landfill, Des Plaines, Illinois.