Landfill Audits

JSA Environmental, Inc. (JSA) Scope of Professional Engineering Services for Landfill Compliance


The scope of services has been broken down into the following tasks:

Task 1 Auditorís Manual

The auditorís manual is reviewed and updated, annually. The budget for this task assumes changes as required with regards to landfill operations, construction, and requests by the client.

Task 2 Operations and Construction Audit

JSA auditors perform audits of landfill operations and any construction activities occurring during the audit. The audit of operations will include, but is not be limited to, observation of waste receipt; weigh-in, placement and compaction of wastes; the application of cover materials and cover integrity; odor monitoring (on-site and off-site ); leachate management, including leachate recirculation, evaporation, and disposal; landfill gas recovery system operations; flare stability and consistency; vegetation observations for signs of landfill gas or leachate stress; and other necessary operations for the facility. To maximize the efficiency of the audits, JSA has prepared an audit form that encompasses regulatory, permit, and contractual requirements, as well as other standards of practice in the solid waste industry. JSA has used this form, or one similar to it, at other facilities. JSA reviews the results of landfill gas monitoring at the landfill. Particular attention will be paid to activities and procedures that do not conform the contract between the facility and the municipality.

Inspection of operations will be conducted during each site visit, as appropriate. Construction continues at a landfill after the major actions of building new cells. The addition of a new landfill gas recovery wells, placement of incremental cap areas, erosion damage repairs and other construction activities will be observed if they are in process during the audit.

Our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of landfill construction and operation and draws upon our Project Managerís experience with landfill construction and operations, with the support of our Principal, who has over 30 years of landfill construction and operations experience. We use our experience to anticipate problems and to keep the client fully informed of the project status.

Task 3 Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis

JSA reviews and evaluates groundwater quality and surface water quality data, groundwater elevation data, leachate quality data; and landfill gas data provided. This evaluation will include both a general trend analysis and a trend analysis that relates to the background data.

If our team identifies significant changes or anomalies in the groundwater or surface water data, we will evaluate the impact of the landfill on those changes and notify the client. At the request of the client, we will identify appropriate mitigation actions and present these actions in a technical memorandum.

Once each year one of our auditors will accompany the facility's groundwater and surface water sampling team during a quarterly sampling event. We will observe the sampling and its conformance with regulations and good practice, and provide a report to the City noting any deviations observed.

Similarly, once each year one of our auditors will accompany the facility's landfill gas sampling team during a landfill gas sampling event. We will observe the sampling and its conformance with regulations and good practice, and provide a report to the City noting any deviations observed.

Task 4 Facility Closure and Post-Closure Care Monitoring

JSA will make independent annual determinations of the funding level (+30% or -50%) necessary to close the landfill and to monitor and maintain it for a period of 30-years following closure. This level will be compared to the current balance of the facility closure, monitoring, and maintenance funds or current calculations of that fund.

Task 5 Attendance at Client Meetings

JSA will attend any and all client meetings. Typically, the Auditor and/or an engineer will attend the meeting, based on our understanding of the client's concerns. We request to be placed on the agenda early in the meeting and will attend for a period of one hour at no cost to the client.

Task 6 Additional Services as Requested

JSA is prepared to perform a variety of tasks not specifically addressed in the scope of services. Our experience suggests that the flexibility offered by this arrangement will be extremely valuable to the client. Because of the variety of situations that are encountered in the course of landfill construction and operation, there are services that may be requested that can not be envisioned at the time the scope of services is written. The following list is not a proposal for additional services, but a short lists of examples of services we have been asked to provide during an audit contract that were not envisioned in the contract:

  • Consultation regarding storm water and erosion control when problems occur,
  • Consultation regarding alternative daily cover,
  • Consultation regarding the Operatorís plans to meet new regulations including air quality, gas management, and NPDES regulations,
  • Consultation regarding Operator proposals to change environmental monitoring plans,
  • Solid waste market assessment and consultation,
  • Consultation on the effectiveness and selection of landfill deodorants,
  • Consultation on and the preparation of comments regarding legislation or regulation that effects landfill operation or impacts the agreement between the community and the landfill