Welcome to our Blog

I am Jo-Walter Spear, PE, Jr.; most people are happy to just call me Jo.  I am the current president at JSA Civil Environmental Engineers and have been for about five years.  Our firm is rather small and outspoken regarding environmental issues and change.  You can read more about us at www.jsaenvironmental.com; or you arrived here from that page.

I am a Civil Engineer, second generation at that, specializing in the environmental field, in our primary office in Milwaukee, WI.  I consider myself a tree huger and believe that the work I do and clients I support are seeking positive change in the environment.  I am also keen on social justice, economic change, and equality.  I’ll write in future on who these are all intertwined with environmental protection/compromise in the US.

The condition of our environment has been a life long concern for me, but at the tender age of 46 I am very aware that not enough positive change has occurred.  I’ve been told that change starts with education and the sharing of ideas.  I hope that my sharing inspires others to write and then we’ll engage change.

I hope to have our principals and guests to make posts as they seem fit.