A break in the numbers, something simple towards sustainability

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the impact on global climate change, its not that it lacks validity, I just can’t seem to put it in a clear format.  So, I am going to jump to changes we can make in our world that will help.

In 1995 I started acting in a reinactment troupe for various faires.  There were a couple items that you had to supply yourself for your costumes: a bowl, spoon, knife (small for eating with), and ****spoiler alert, here’s the item I am going to focus on**** a period mug.  To the right is the pewter look alike mug that I’ve been using since 95.  I take this to most of the outside Festivals I attend so that I am not using plastic cups all the time.  The festival staff will reuse the plastic cups if you allow them to transfer the beverage for you.


I use the term “most” festivals because our world has changed in other ways besides the environmental threats.  Turns out a steel mug might possibly be used as a weapon(to be honest this mug has been used in stage combat and has dents from blocking swords), so rather than argue with festival staff (even though I keep winning), I’ve purchased a collapsible silicon mug.  It’s not nearly as pretty, but it was well received this summer by other festival patrons and beverage tent staff.  These mugs come with locking lids as well.


I think we should all carry our own mugs allowing us all to protect the planet and express our personal style.  Milwaukee’s German Fest and Estabrook Beer Garden sell refillable steins (plastic and glass respectively); reducing the total amount of materials used for the events.  Other beer gardens in Milwaukee only provide the beverage in glass steins (of various volumes) that require a deposit to be paid and returned with the return of the stein.

I am looking for one of these…. i285697114354072926._szw1280h1280_

Maybe we could celebrate the extinction of the solo cup in my lifetime…