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JSA Environmental

JSA Environmental, Inc. (JSA) was founded by JW Spear, Sr. SC P.E. (JW), in June of 1997, as a sole proprietorship for the purpose of providing engineering and planning services addressing solid and hazardous waste management issues. Our first assignments were with Solid Waste Districts in Indiana, a Virginia landfill in with whom our founder had had a relationship since 1988, and the City of Muskego, Wisconsin. We earned repeat assignments and new clients through unsolicited recommendations from our existing clients. In 2000 the firm expanded with the inclusion of a Engineering Technician, and in 2002 with the addition of another engineer, Jo-Walter Spear, Jr. SC P.E. (Jo). Additional staff allowed us to expand into the areas of surface water management and environmental services. We maintain our small business status through the use of other independents, small consultancies, and large engineering firms as sub-contractors.

Our advertising budget is used solely to support our engineering staff's participation as instructors in the Solid Waste Association of North America's (SWANA) Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO), Construction and Demolition Materials Management, Transfer Station Design and Operations Certification, FEMA Debris Materials Management faculties and the University of Wisconsin, Sanitary Landfill Design and Bioreactor Landfill faculties.

Today; in addition to site planning, design, and master planning in the areas of Solid and Hazardous Waste and surface water, we offer environmental cost accounting, environmental assessment and remediation oversight, enterprise funds development, transfer station design, compost facility design, C&D processing facility planning and design, host community agreement auditing, storm water facility design, Siting services , site selection and site development planning and design, sustainability planning, facilities, and privatization consulting. Most recently, we are involved in energy projects as they relate to solid waste management.

We maintain a high percentage of current business as repeat work for existing clients. We assist our clients in incorporating sustainable, environmental elements into their strategic planning and facility design.





JW Spear Sr.


JW, JSA's Founder, is a Solid Waste Professional in private practice with over 45 years of experience with diverse waste management projects and practices. He began his career as a regulator of waste management facilities and moved to facility operations and then to consulting.

His experience encompasses the design, construction, regulation, and operation of solid waste management facilities. He has designed numerous waste disposal and treatment facilities, incorporating synthetic liners, leachate collection, leachate recirculation, gas recovery, ground¬water monitoring, contamination remediation, and surface water management. His experience with landfill facilities includes Closure Design, Post Closure Operations Consulting, and Remedial; Corrective Measure planning; and design.

His work in landfill design led to landfill gas to energy design, biogas facility design, and experience with carbon credit development and trading. JW has developed several transfer facilities for both hazardous and municipal wastes. Many of these designs incorporate intermodal technology. His experience in the recycling arena includes Construction and Demolition Wastes (C&D), Compost Systems, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility and Material Recovery Facility (MRF) design. Having managed a solid waste collection company, he is familiar with routing and collection equipment requirements. Concerned about reducing the cost of facility siting while increasing siting successes, JW designed an approach to siting that uses community values to develop locational criteria.

Most recently, JW has been involved in responses problems that arise in older closed sites and in the development of Waste Conversion Technologies for the production of energy, fuels, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers, using Municipal Solid Waste as a feed stock.


JW holds an MSc from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelors from Rutgers-the-State University of New Jersey. He has taken advanced training in sanitary engineering and Biochemistry. A Licensed Civil Engineer in Wisconsin, JW is a Certified Landfill Manager and a Certified instructor with the National Solid Waste Management Association of North America (SWANA), and serves on the Badger SWANA Chapter's Board as Treasurer.

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Jo Spear Jr.


Jo began his engineering experience in the late 80's designing and constructing retaining walls, swales, fountains, and other surface water controls to pay for his education. In 1991 he received his BSCE from Widener University and subsequently began working in the environmental field in Sarasota County Florida as a municipal surface water engineer.

Florida provided him with the opportunity to do both field and table top design with the support of his modeling efforts and site civil activities. Managing the construction crews gave him the unique experience of completing design build projects from inception, through permitting and approvals, to construction and record drawings. In 1999 Jo moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and had a short stint supporting transportation engineers with his environmental background, performing corridor studies, redesigning passive systems for contaminated soils, and construction inspection.

Jo has been with JSA Environmental for eighteen years and a principal for the last sixteen. He is the primary project manager regarding landfill compliance, environmental assessment, plan review, and all surface water projects. In addition to his career work with JSA, Jo maintains a membership with the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and is an instructor for the association. Locally Jo works with the SWANA Badger Chapter and Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW).

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Faith Spear


Bookkeeper and Business Manager.
Faith has been the bookkeeper and business manager for JSA since its creation She has over 40 years of managerial experience in both the retail and professional services industries.

At JSA she is responsible for the proofing of deliverables, invoicing clients, and implementing client cost savings programs such as JSA's Early Pay Discount for extended service client and Pay and Sign Discount for lump sum clients.

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